Author Topic: Estimated value for a Series 2 rare Eviltime sparkle wacky mini?  (Read 249 times)

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So, I got lucky and found a rare Eviltime sparkle mini inside a series 2 cup I miraculously found at Walmart.

Initially I was going to keep it as I'm trying for a complete set but seeing that nobody has found one (that I know of) I thought it might be a good idea to sell it to recoup some of the small fortune I've spent on both series. 

Anyways, I was wondering if the community might have any idea of what the piece could be worth and what the easiest route of selling it would be. I am not very familiar with ebay or the fees they charge for selling.
Any info is greatly appreciated.



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Re: Estimated value for a Series 2 rare Eviltime sparkle wacky mini?
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Thanks for the heads up that the rare eviltime has hit at Walmart. My sense is that its worth about $20 now and will go down to $12 once more hit Walmart.
Remember that Eviltime is a Rare, not a really rare. Rares are packed one per 12 packs and are easy to find once the wave has been out for a while. Please post a pic. You could throw it on Ebay for $100 and someone will probably buy it as its brand new; but the price will drop in the future. So to max out you price, go with Ebay.
Did you find any of the last ten minis in these cups?

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