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SOLD: 12th/14th Original Series Sets For Sale
« on: February 12, 2021, 08:54:52 AM »
I have three sets available.

1. Complete 14th White Back Set (No Puzzle)

This set was purchased from Roxanne Toser 15 years ago. 29 of the 30 stickers are in extremely nice shape. Centering varies, and they do have roller marks, but are otherwise NM/M. The only one in lesser condition is Messquire. The original copy was graded and this one is a replacement.

Asking $140 delivered.

2. Complete 14th Tan Back Set (No Puzzle)

25 of the 30 stickers in this set were from an opened wax box and are in very nice shape (centering varies, most have roller marks). The other five are from a different source and are not as nice.

Asking $125 delivered.

3. 12th Series Partial Set (23 of 27) (Includes complete puzzle)

Missing Duck and Hide, Pollydent, Mr. Mean and Barman. Condition is very nice, though centering varies and most have roller marks. Puzzle is extremely nice, but some pieces have wax on the checklist side.

Asking $80 delivered.

*** Or take all three for $315 delivered ****

If you would like to see more pictures just ask....
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