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Mountain Goo Patch
« on: July 26, 2020, 07:38:56 AM »
Hello Mountain Dew and Wacky pack collectors.  If you have never seen this you're correct.  This is NFS; New Fake Stock  :]  I'm a big Dew collector and collected Wacky Packs as a kid.  I've always loved this this sticker so I decided to have it made just like the patches from the first collection.  The original patches were sold for .39 so with inflation, I've adjust the price.   :]  I will send the patch in a regular envelope for a total of $6.00.  If you'd like more of them we can work out a deal.  I have them on eBay so the counter tells you how many I have left.  (It may be off by a few; I sent a few of them to friends)  I made 100 of the patches and they came out beautiful.  I was totally impressed. Take a look.  The listing is under Mountain Dew and Wacky Packs.