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Re: WP Forum PSA Thread
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From the news article.  "We're not eliminating humans from the grading process," he continued. "We're improving the process by adding technology."   I think I have heard this before.  No layoffs.  Don't believe it for a second.

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Re: WP Forum PSA Thread
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Did someone above mention a KOOK AID with eye appeal? No problem, I found one.
LOL, not only is it NOT Scottish (it's crap!), it's not even a 1st series tan, it's a Wonderbread.

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Re: WP Forum PSA Thread
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Its interesting they need the fingerprint of an item to stop it from being regraded, that shouldn't be necessary if their AI grading system is so good, it should pick up corrected flaws or should give the same grade over and over for a non modified submitted card, the subjective-ness from human graders being removed.  Trust me, they are going to allow resubmissions because it is $ for them and because with more precision comes more decimals.  If their AI grading system can site differences between two PSA 8's why make them both an 8?  The only question in my mind will be how many grades between 8 and 9 will they create?  thenths, quarters, thirds, halves?  I think they will pick a launching point for decimals like only PSa7 and higher or something.
Interesting point, I don't think they will go the way comics did once it hit a 9.0 (9.2,9.4,9.6 and 9.8).  I do think the half grad is here to stay, in PSA grading standards they do explain why they use half point grades up to 8,5.  I do agree with their assessment of why they do this.  With the AI I think it will stop the resubmitting because of the hoping for the next grade factor will be eliminated.  Now why I like it is I can grade a card really good.  I come usually right on with what PSA grades it.  However I get it graded for many reasons.  1). I love the registry.  No other reason to go on about that point it is totally a subjective point.  2).  I sell the cards to people as I upgrade.  again I go with I know how to grade, bringing Dave into this I know he knows how to grade.  However John Smith from Washington state does not know me.  He has no Ideal why I am asking so much for a card, but with the graded card I have some consistency to offer and peace of mind with my collection to sell as I upgrade.  From what I read of the new owners of PSA (and their other grading services (coin, Paper money Stamps tickets, books) they are going to solidify the services and come back stronger as soon as they catch up from all the submissions.  CGC, is getting inundated with comic books that they are having the same pains that PSA is having.  (personally if psa would make a TGC group separate from cards it would go smoother.) F*&ki&g Pokemon cards gumming up the works.  There is a company, separate from PCGS that you can send a coin to once it is graded, I think it is called CAC.  They will tell you if the coin is at the top end for the grade (green sticker) or if it would be solid in the next grade up ( gold sticker). I am glad that we don't have that, but It makes me wonder not if but when this craze will hit cards.  PWCC already does this in their auctions, this actually is worse than the multitudes of decimals.  Sorry for the run here, just wanted to get the information out there.