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Title: Quality Control Issues - New Weekly Series - 4 weeks of May
Post by: vahsurfer on July 05, 2020, 11:54:57 AM
Good Wacky Afternoon All,

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy 4th and did NOT use their SlaySkool Toys! (hahahahahahahahahaha)

Forgive me if these have already been pointed out, might have missed them:

1. Is it me or is a lot of the numbering appear fuzzy or smeared?
2. The "cutting of the cards seems a bit uneven to the bottom, creating the affect the copyright notice is graded upward?
    - In other words the copyright is not flush / parallel to the bottom
3. Did they intentionally mix up the consistency of the order of the cards (1,2,3, etc) to NOT correspond with the Celestial Puzzle?
    - BAD idea if they did, so to see the puzzle, base cards must be displayed as follows: (left to right)
      15, 13, 14, 12, 11, 19, 18, 16, 17
4. The Coupon for #19 Sun Fright is printed upside down compared to the other coupons and the orientation of the parody on the other side as well as #3 Peep-Tarts

SO... Dave.....just my two sense, KISS!

QC is so important and these are very expensive on a per card basis comparatively.  Please have the printers take their time and pay attention.

Thanks for the time,