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OK so tomorrow is the day forum members will be crack地 packs and building the Wacky Packages ANS 2024 set for the first time!  As spoilers were kept at a minimum, many will be seeing the cards for the first time!  It would be great to hear:
1) Favorite base card
2) Favorite Wacky Comic
3) Favorite Attacky Packages
4) A grade for the overall set on a 1-10 scale
5) Any other thoughts or responses on pulls or the set overall

Naturally if you don稚 pull enough to complete one of the subsets please just post your fav of what you did pull.  I知 super curious to get forum members first impressions on this set and see how Wackys are faring in 2024!

Oh and no reason to post spoiler images just the Wacky name/card number would be great

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My first impression was this will be the closest I'll(we'll) will get to buying random packs at the store. It was fun and exciting to open each pack to see what special insert I would get. It was also exciting knowing each box had a sketch card inside.

From what I've read so far, I've been a lucky one to be able to complete a complete set of base cards (both puzzle/ads backs) with just three boxes total. I have a long way to go though to complete any of the case sets.

Overall the artwork is AWESOME!!! Very well done and corky humor.

I know I complained about the price, but if you throw just the sketch card up for will most likely make your money back and maybe more depending on the sketch.

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great idea, Joe!  This is a "Wacky Package" forum, after all,
let's celebrate the release of another awesome set, let's help
support it so Topps/Fanatics will work on another one, let's
just be Wacky over Wackys!

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Corndog, that痴 all so great to hear, I know the artists who frequent the forum will appreciate the kind words!

Paul, well, yes hopefully we can steer a little conversation towards the art that makes collecting Wackys so fun!

So I just heard from Andrew that the card he痴 chasing this time is Hot Snails!  I was pleased to hear this as it痴 one of mine.  Also I did pick doing it with him in mind, as I know that Hot Wheels is his second collectng passion after Wackys.  Now I do want to stick to my 創o spoilers pledge but perhaps I can be allowed a mini-spoiler.  My childhood love of Funny Cars and especially Jungle Jim led me to hide a few classic Wackys in my Hot Snails painting.  To those of you who are lucky enough to have received your cards already see if you can spot 粗m all! 

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Right now, I think most are cracking open, sorting, and frantically trading to get their sets.  It may take a few days for all to calm down and actually look through, read, and enjoy the set.  THEN we'll have time to provide more useful feedback.  But so far, I agree, my first impression is that this set is awesome and includes some great parodies of products, mostly which I know, and I tend to like those the most.  Just while sorting my cards, I have to say "Starbugs" stood out to me, simply because I know the brand and--gasp!--I don't like coffee, so the parody was rather appropriate for me.  ; )

More feedback after I spend some time with the set......

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1) Favorite base card

Popcoroners because I eat them and spooky Wackys tickle my inner child.

2) Favorite Wacky Comic

Eviltime because toads!

3) Favorite Attacky Packages

Tough choice, these are always so good. I'll go with Noosance because it's the creepiest image.

4) A grade for the overall set on a 1-10 scale

If the 50th is a 1 and the original 1st is a 10, this is an 8. Only one title I didn't care for, lots of great gags and top notch art, even on titles with simple designs like Larva Bar.

5) Any other thoughts or responses on pulls or the set overall

The variation cards are good for small sets like Wonky Ads but really don't add to this set.

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1) Favorite base card
tough call, but I'll go with Spatial K cuz it's got planetary pieces. All Toads Snails as a (slow) runner up

2) Favorite Wacky Comic
Kentucky Fried Fingers. It's *dark*

3) Favorite Attacky Packages
I'll go with Simply Strange for the Unidentified Freaky Oranges

4) A grade for the overall set on a 1-10 scale
I'll go with an 8 as well. Lots of great jokes and art throughout. Some typos though (1 front, several coupons). Too many checklists, but if they would have assembled to make a 9-piece puzzle, that would have been great.

5) Any other thoughts or responses on pulls or the set overall
Strong card #1, which I think always helps. Great to have a wrapper and a box.
This set may also contain the first exact re-make by a different artist of a parody released in an earlier ANS set. (I'll let collector's figure out which title that is)

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1) Favorite base card:  Hot Snails. Love the Racing Decals which are ALL Wacky Related: Plus the Tires are Fearstone. I have the Vari which was tough to get.
2) Favorite Wacky Comic: Pupsi. Pupsi Rules!
3) Favorite Attacky Packages: Noosance. Classic MA Execution.
4) A grade for the overall set on a 1-10 scale:  9
5) Any other thoughts or responses on pulls or the set overall:  Love the Variations. Do not love them coming marked as such. Please go back to unmarked Variations. That makes it about having keen eye and not about money or "Hits".  Being an avid Hot Wheels collector; I decided to go hard on Hot Snails and
have managed to obtain all versions. Chad is doing an Artist Return Sketch for me to complete the collection. I love it when Wacky's parody Hot Wheels!

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Favorite base cards: Glands, Plucky Charms, Starbugs, and Sugar Caddy (even though I'm not a golfer)

Favorite flashback: Sunsweat

Favorite/cleverest Wacky Pals: Kentucky Fried Fingers