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My need list
« on: January 27, 2024, 08:48:49 PM »
I've seen others do this, so I'll try it.

These are the Wackys I need to finish my collection:

ANS11 Bonus Stickers

*B2: With-Bone Artichoked Dressing
*B5: Chef Birdee Beakaroni
*B6: Ultra Frite Advanced Frightening Toothpaste - Ghoul Mint

Wacky Halloween Postcards 2010 Wacky Halloween Artists cards

*Mellow Cup
*Mike and Yikes
*Stake 5
*Tootsie Troll (this is a rare card that was never made available to collectors, but instead all of its copies were given out to all seven of the seven artists who created this series)
*mr. Ghoulbar (rough art version)

I'm offering $12.00 for the first category - $4.00 for each one of them. Regarding the second category, please be kind when considering the price you'll offer, as I'm still unemployed and, therefore, cannot pay exorbitant prices for this subset. In fact, please PM me about either of them and we'll talk.