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This offering is for a developmental pencil rough for the ANS3 "Stench's Mustard Gas".

These were the first roughs for this title, and reflect the way that I generally worked on a rough. I usually worked out the character separately, and would eventually render it in its respective space on the final rough.

The generic frame measures 12 3/8" x 16 3/8". (The custom-cut, yellow matte measures 12" x 16") Since many collectors choose to reframe pieces to better conform to their tastes & decor, the three pieces in this collection have been mounted with clear photo-mount tabs so that they can be easily removed without the worry of potential damage from mounting tapes or glues.

Included with the two roughs is an artist-signed copy of the actual sticker that the rough was developed for.

$250. + $15. S&H

As a mixed alternative, I would be interested in trading for a lower dollar amount along with an OPC 3rd Series tan-back "Choke King" (Hey, I can dream, right?! LOL!)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, alternative offers, hot dog stand recommendations, reputable cereal bowl distributors, etc.

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Re: Wacky Packages ANS3 "Stench's Mustard" Framed Pencil Roughs
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Just a heads-up, for those who are interested, this item is now listed on eBay. Cheers!