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Unofficial Binder Artwork Release - 2023 Wacky Packages
« on: June 26, 2023, 07:09:02 PM »
Good evening all my fellow Wackies!

I am very excited about the 7-28-23 Release!!! I have posted the latest Unofficial Binder Artwork for the 2023 Wacky packages here and at the end of the Master Thread ( in case you want to see the catalog of binder artwork available for you to download!!!

Keep the faith one day Topps will start to produce the binders again, until then I will enjoy creating these for you and dreaming of the Most Important Meal of the Day from my Galactic Groceries!
An inside Joke for 2 of my favorite artist friends!  Enjoy this release and I truly appreciate each and everyone who sends me notes of support!

I went a little more simplified this time, less busy, and took some creative liberties with the background on the back of the binder with transparencies on some of the art. Enjoy!


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