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Re: Common 1967 Die-Cuts Item
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I'm not interested in getting in the middle here.  Correct me if I'm wrong, though (as I skimmed through this thread & might have missed it), but it seems like no one's bringing up specifically the most relevant reason that this box shouldn't be listed as a true "unopened box" without proof (whether it's eventually opened or not)... if it was assembled with a pile of unopened packs rather than being an unopened factory box, even if all the packs are genuinely unopened rather than resealed (which is always a possibility too), the collation would be a mess.  Granted, someone might get lucky that way with every pack containing a Ratz or Cracked or 21 Jolly -- Yah, and 6Urp is a Saunders piece.  But chances are a lot more likely that this could have been assembled using the 'left-over' packs from other boxes that someone opened until Ratz & Cracked were pulled, or until it was realized they were mid-run common packs or something.  Like counting cards in Blackjack.  Without getting to see even the codes on the packs (which would be helpful), who knows what's in those packs?  It's the double-stuff that makes a double-stuff Oreo better than a regular Oreo, not the cookie parts.

So, it would seem logical that there be a sliding scale of values for unopened diecut boxes... #1 is a true factory unopened box from the early run (w/Ratz & Cracked almost guaranteed inside), #2 is a true factory unopened box from the late run (w/#21 Jolly, and other rare variants almost guaranteed), #3 is a true factory unopened box from mid-run with ? inside.  And then unknown origin or definitely assembled boxes could be priced according to the wrapper codes or using the visible stickers to assess the era, or just by adding up the value of 5 x 24 random non-rare PSA8 diecuts, 24 wrappers, the empty box in whatever condition it's in, and some reasonable premium on top that doesn't get anywhere near the value of #1, 2, 3 above.  Makes sense to me anyway.  For something like 9th series or 12th series stickers... who cares?  But for Diecuts and maybe 1st-4th, factory vs. assembled can make a huge difference.