Author Topic: wacky Patch/ Medallion/Embroider/ Wardrobe patch cards needed  (Read 374 times)

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Hi do anyone have extra to sell in new mint cond.

2013 ANS 11 Patch card Kook-Aid, Krazy Crackers, Pupsi-Cola
2014 S1 patch Slacker Jack
2014 S1 Medallion Common cards in Campy, Commie, Demented, Gulp Oil Play Dumb and Altered card in Campy, Commie, Gulp Oil, Jolly Mean Giant peas
2015 6 cards Embroidered Logo sets
2015 Wardrobe patch- Tied Detergent -Green, Barf Wimpson-Blue, Fear out Iron ons- Blue, Dun Laundry soap in Red
Washin Fly in Red and Green, Blue Beanie Margarine in Green,
Fruit of the tomb mummy T-shire in Red and Green cards, Shorts Illustrated size 60 in Green and Blue cards

please let me know email me RAYR110AB@AOL.COM or text 917-701-2168
thanks Raymond
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