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Re: Welcome
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The fine art parody ones that came with the sets are equally detailed, although they are line drawings rather than wash drawings.

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Re: Welcome
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Re: Welcome
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Watch out for envious trolls! There everywhere!

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Re: Welcome
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I have another one on ebay now that ends in 10 hours or so.

Ah, some lucky schlep scored this Jayzeynardo for $765!

For some reason I thought of Hogans Heroes when I read the word "intelligentsia"

Several of the sketch cards Lynch did for this series used his characters from the Old Spikes Wacky Packages postcards in parodies of famous works of art. In this one, Lynch's executioner character poses as Leonardo daVinci's Mona Lisa character, made famous by daVinci's famous 16th century sketch card which hangs in the Louvre Museum in Paris. Though tempted to sign his piece Jayzeynardo daLynchi, Lynch ultimately signed it with his own signature in order to assure that this piece retains its highest value over the millennia. The original Mona Lisa is revered today as a classic work of art. Yet it was originally painted as a novelty device akin to a Wacky Packages sticker or a Whoopie Cushion in its day. Such framed portraits were originally marketed as gag items. They were supposed to be fake windows. Mr Gioconda was quite the practical joker, you see. He hired daVinci to paint this image of his wife Mona, apparently looking into the house through this panel, which would look to his guests like a window. "Hey! There's your wife looking in through the window!" his guests would comment, at which point Mr. Gioconda would remove the framed painting from the wall; rotate it to show his guests it's flat, 2-dimensional reality; And enjoy a hearty laugh at their expense. Over time, however, this particular one-of-a-kind gag object has become deified, as no doubt Mr. Lynch's sketch card, which is offered here, will gain a similar form of respect from the intelligentsia over time.    

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Re: Welcome
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OK, I was going to wait to post my completed sets but since we are discussing these, here is one of the  ART sketch cards I pulled.

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