Author Topic: Looking for the original 1974 Topps Wacky Packages Tattoos full set  (Read 671 times)

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Aloha everyone

I am looking to purchase 1974 Topps Wacky Packages Tattoos full set.

Also an unhoped tattoo pack.

Thank you very much!

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I have no idea what the market is for the more well-known spin-off products like these tattoos, posters, etc.  It would seem demand is low, but because most long-time returning collectors probably assembled sets years ago and salted them away, there is also not much free-floating product in the marketplace.  Itís probably a safe bet that the total volume of each in the hobby is just a tiny fraction of OS stickers, just based on the comparative sales volumes back in the day.  From my recollection your local candy store/newsstand would have one stinking Wacky box on the counter, and you had to cross your fingers that it wasnít empty.  Who was selling these posters and tattoos?  Baffles me to this day.

Anyway, thatís the perception I get, could be wrong, who knows.  But I see youíre getting crickets to your post, thought Iíd just opine a bit about the subject.

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I think it's because a full set of tattoos is a huge undertaking, not something that people have
just lying around and are willing to part with.