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Re: Wacky Halloween 2020
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I've got a great idea for one more Halloween Postcards series and that should do it.

Since Ghostess Fright Pie. Bricks Man-Made Brick and Mortar Caramels and Bots, which were all done as two separate three-in-one postcards with all-black backgrounds, finally became postcards with normal white backgrands and normal black borders in 2020 (even if they were just a glow-in-the-dark subset), how about doing the same thing to these six Halloween Wackys that were all done as two-in-one postcards with all-black backgrounds (just not with the glow-in-the-dark part this time around):

*Tootsie Troll,
*Hairi-Boo Ghost-Bears,
*Cracker Drac,

There probably wouldn't even have to be any artist cards this time, because I think they've already been done (if I'm wrong, however, please tell me). Is this a great idea, or what? With this out of the way, everything possible will be finished.

Btw, you'll notice I didn't put Killing Sppprreee or Hellraiserettes in the above list. That's because they've also already been done, the first one as a bonus card and the second one as a postcard, both in the 2013 series.
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