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Rare items go on sell Oct 25 on ebay
« on: October 21, 2018, 03:44:32 PM »
My ebay sell of Wacky Packages begins on Oct 25 at 5:30 PM pacific time.  Please read through carefully, I have some seldom seen items.
Robert  /  ebay seller ID is  w.asp
Wacky Packages
 1967 Die Cut 5c
     #24 Band-Ache PSA-7
     #5 Campy PSA-7.5
      #2 Fearstone PSA-8 (MC)
      #43 Jolly Mean Giant PSA-4.5
      #13 Kook-Aid PSA-7
      #22 Liptorn PSA-7
      #9 Paul Maul PSA-9
      #18 Schmutz PSA-7
      #17 Weakies PSA-9 (OC)
 1969 Ads LP
     #25 Good and Empty PSA-6
 Series 1
      Gadzooka (Black Ludlow) PSA-5
      Tied (Black Ludlow) PSA-4
 Series 2
      Minute Mud (Black Ludlow) PSA-6 (ST)
      Unopened Ludlow pack graded GAI 8.5
 Series 3
      Beanball (WB) PSA-7
      Drowny (WB) PSA-7
 Series 15
      Bloodweiser PSA-8.5
 Irish Series 1981
      Long Line Beer  PSA-8.5
      Pig Lips proof cards
 Japanese series? Dampers sticker
 Cereal Premium unopened pack graded GAI 9.5
 UK 1st series unopened pack graded GAI 8