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Wacky Packages Acquisition Stories
« on: November 27, 2017, 03:15:07 PM »
As much as I hate starting new threads for some reason, I think this will be a cool one to hear. I was reading an old thread earlier about "The most you spent on a Wacky", and it was noted that people should tell stories about collections they bought or something in that realm.

Seems cool to me. So, I'll start.
I don't have anything too cool to boast, but I'll go with a couple things that I found good.

   So, I was at an antique mall in Lewisburg, PA. I believe it was Rolling Mills. I always stroll around antique malls looking for Wackys... You just never know. So, there's a huge section in the middle full of glass cases. Some jewelry, old military memorabilia, etc. And imagine me walk to see about five or so pages full of OS Wackys. So, I get an employee to open the case. I look through, and my dad points out a Blunder for whatever reason, if I recall correctly, asking me if I had it or not. I probably replied yes, but at a closer inspection, I should've said no since it was a Shedd's card. The 1977 copyright apparently wasn't as blatant as it should've been. And, to think I almost wasn't going to buy the lot. They were mostly low grade mid series cards, anyways. At any rate, I look for any more since I do have the ounce of brain telling me... "That's just a little out of the ordinary". And, I find a Botch. So we bought the lot for $58. Probably 45+ cards there, including two Shedd's. As you might have seen a few months ago, I sold the Blunder for $114. I still have the Botch.

One more quick story.

   I was a vendor at the Fall Philly Show of 2017. I was wearing a Creep or Mountain Goo shirt, and had long hair by the way. Either way, I took a quick stroll around before the crowds arrived. I went to a reliable table that always has a few OS Wackys that I need. He was still setting them up, and let me look through them. I picked out probably ten later series cards and a few earlier series ones. And then he pulls out a series 1 Bandache. Centered, nice corners. Printing marks on the back, but who cares. He had $39 on it. You could say it was mine. So, in the first hour of my arrival and after we set up shop, I had already spent $90. But it was worth it. Just look at the prices Bandache's sell for on eGay. Yikes..

Not the biggest pulls, but I hope you enjoyed my story time. I expect some more good Wacky stories.  >:D

I might just have an amazing story at some point in the future if God is on my side...  :-X
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Re: Wacky Packages Acquisition Stories
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2017, 03:52:41 PM »
I holding out hopes of one day coming across unopened boxes, packs, or some rare stuff in some store that the seller doesn't care about. It hasn't happened yet, but one can dream.

A few years back I was looking through boxes in my attic. I came across an old steel box I used to keep some Wackys in when I was growing up. I hadn't seen the box since I lived at home with my parents, and had apparently packed it up years ago when I moved out. Much to my surprise, I found a stack of reprints along with 2 cereal premiums still in the plastic wrappers! It took me right back to being a kid again and I can even remember pulling them from the cereal box. The WP were the only reason I asked my mom to buy the cereal!