Author Topic: Sacrificing HUGE ANS/ Old School collection  (Read 888 times)

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Sacrificing HUGE ANS/ Old School collection
« on: May 27, 2017, 06:12:20 PM »
Hello, all. I have been out of the hobby since chase items became downright ridiculous around 2013/14 or so. I had never collected for resale, only got single items for the pleasure of collecting, but as I was trying to be a completeist it just got too expensive to maintain.
So, getting back into my earlier passion of rare/ promo CD collecting and would like to use my fairly extensive ANS/ OS collection. I have essentially complete collections of ANS 1-10 and OS 1-4, including ALL chase items, all housed in binders.  Everything in brand new condition, with all the cereal boxes from series 7 and 9 still sealed. I also have several promo posters (not pictured) and a retailer's information booklet/ vendor's brochure for ANS 1 with some very cool artwork and franchise sale points, in mint condition in a hard plastic sleeve. A neat item, obviously never for sale to the public. Also included is the ANS 1 promo Marvel comics  insert with three stickers, among them the first version of the Fright Castle sticker. Also in brand new condition.
I figured before I threw it all on ebay Id ask you guys here first, as I was a pretty serious lurker for a long time here and had some cool conversations and learned a LOT. I'm asking $250.00 for the lot. Plus shipping of course, unless youd like local pick up in Southern California. Thanks, folks.