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Mars Attacks: Occupation Metal Cards
« on: September 24, 2016, 06:36:20 AM »
Just occurred to me there might be some Mars Attacks collectors here, so I thought I'd share this up...

I finally managed to complete my metal set from Occupation. In the process, I ended up with, well, a few duplicates. In this case, a few is 34.

I wanted everyone on the FB '525' group looking for metal cards to have the opportunity to pick these up at a reasonable price per card, and I'm extending the offer here as well.

With that in mind, each metal card is $26 plus shipping. I expect shipping to be around $3 or $4 for USPS First Class with tracking. Get 5 or more metal cards and your shipping is free.

Apologies, but no international shipping. I want to be able to track the shipments and to confirm delivery.

I would also be open to trades for MA:O printing plates.

Claim the card(s) in this thread then message me.

Hit me with questions if you've got them. This offer is good until 7pm PST Sunday, September 25th.

The cards available are:

1 The Invasion Begins
4 Saucers Blast Our Jets
5 Washington in Flames
8 Terror in Times Square
10 The Skyscraper Tumbles
11 "Destroy the City"
12 Death in the Cockpit
13 Watching from Mars
14 Charred By Martians
15 Saucers Invade China
16 Panic in Parliament
17 Beast and the Beauty
18 A Soldier Fights Back
19 Burning Flesh
24 The Shrinking Ray
25 Capturing a Martian
26 The Tidal Wave
28 Helpless Victim
31 The Monster Reaches In
34 Terror in the Railroad
35 The Flame Throwers
37 Creeping Menace
40 High Voltage Execution
41 Horror in Paris
42 Hairy Fiend
43 Blasting the Bug
44 Battle in the Air
45 Fighting Giant Insects
46 Blast Off for Mars
47 Earth Bombs Mars
49 The Earthmen Charge
52 Giant Robot
53 Martian City in Ruins
54 Mars Explodes