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SDCC 2015 and Craig Yoe
« on: July 11, 2015, 07:36:17 PM »
So Craig Yoe was a special guest at this year's Comic Con and I had seen a Wacky rough signed by him that was done for the lost 1992 series.  Craig is a fascinating personality who has worked on the Muppets, as a toy designer and most recently as a book designer under Yoe Books.  His work is great and you should look him up if you love funky design and the outer fringes of Comicdom.  So I asked him about Wackys and he confirmed he worked on them and GPK as well but couldn't remember titles and wasn't sure if any had ever been printed.  He was also kind enough to sign a card I made up with his Twisted rough.  So any Wacky historians should make sure Yoe is included in the story of Wacky Packages.

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Re: SDCC 2015 and Craig Yoe
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Thats a great rough! A

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Re: SDCC 2015 and Craig Yoe
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Pat Piggot did the final Twisted art,

Craig Yoe could have been the Mark Parisi of Wacky Packages rough art of the 1990's.