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GPK Comic Book Sketch covers
« on: April 21, 2015, 05:50:15 PM »
Well after Jason Brower pointed out that there a number of comic companies doing blank covers for artists to sketch on, I took a peak at past auctions on eBay.  Indeed there are a ton and included are a number for the IDW GPK comic done by some artists you will know.  It looks like GPK fever is in full swing and this beauty by our own Brent Engstrom was able to fetch more than $1,500!

That's not the record though, this next one got near $2K and is by the great Joe Simko.

Anyway, it's worth a peak at what's being done.  In addition to Jason, artists like Neil Camera, Fred Wheaton, Jeff Zapata, Dustin Graham, Vincenzo and Steven Potter are represented and all are doing killer work!
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Re: GPK Comic Book Sketch covers
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Interesting. Thanks for posting.