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With "Lady Gag Me" in ANS9, if Topps had planned a Wacky music CD subset in an ANS, which current music artists would have been featured to be spoofed? My guesses:
Justin Beiber
Lady Antebellum
Taylor Swift
Bruno Mars
Big Time Rush
One Direction
Katy Perry

And what 1970's albums would be perfect to spoof for a Wacky Packages Old School ALBUM COVER SUBSET? My guesses:
Michael Jackson's "Off The Wall" album
Jackson 5's "ABC" album
The Beatles' "Abbey Road" album
Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" album
Led Zepplin's "Led Zepplin IV" album
The Grease soundtrack
The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack
Any KISS album
Any 1970's Elvis Presley album

(Remember: think of the 2000-2002 Silly CD's that spoofed album covers!)
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