Author Topic: 1966 Topps Funny Rings: a few questions.  (Read 912 times)

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1966 Topps Funny Rings: a few questions.
« on: August 22, 2011, 07:45:34 AM »
So now that I'm pretty psyched about my 1967 Wacky Package set I am getting into the 1966 funny ring cards my dad had in a box. Its pretty much the whole set missing a few with almost 4 of each card, all beautiful unpunched. And a bunch of the checklists, I know those are pretty serious.
So I sent one to PSA to feel out how they are and it came back ungraded with the "minsizerq" sticker. I checked them out and they all are smaller than the normal card. I want to send all 45 I got but I'm a little nervous that they will all come back ungraded. The lady at PSA said they measure to the 1/32 inch. I'm assuming they shuld know that funny rings are all small so i'm gonna roll the dice and send them.
Hopefully I can create a pretty sweet high grade set with a bunch of doubles. BUt if half come back ungraded it won't work.
Any thoughts? Anybody like funny rings?