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1970's Charmin - Barman- original packages
« on: March 25, 2011, 02:02:05 PM »
Hey guys,

This is both sharing a photo, but also offering something up for sale - so I'm not quite sure just where to put the post.  For now, I figure General Wacky discussion is okay.

I collect all sorts of vintage packaging, and I'm always especially delighted to pick up pieces that are the version parodied in the 1970's Wacky Packages.  I recently picked up a 4-pack of Charmin, as close as I've ever seen to the basis for the Wacky Barman.  It might be the exact same package, though this one has an extra blurb on the pack, that the Wacky lacks.  Still, it's definitely early 70's and aside from that extra blurb is the version that the Wacky was based on.

I picked mine up, and the seller explained that she had seven or eight packages - asked me if I wanted any more. I only needed one, but I suggested that I could share the info here, in case someone might dig having one of these. 

Photo is below of the group - she's offering these for $5 a piece (for each package) plus shipping and handling.  If you have even a passing desire for a piece like this - you can't beat the price.  If you're interested, shoot Linda an e-mail at:   

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