Author Topic: A few 1-16 wackys needed in high grade  (Read 1303 times)

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A few 1-16 wackys needed in high grade
« on: March 17, 2011, 09:04:01 AM »
The following are original series stickers that I need in really high grade. Should have four sharp corners, nice whiteness, reasonably good centering (at least 70/30). In all cases, if stickers are really nice, I will pay a cash premium, I will replace the sticker with a copy that is almost as nice (if desired), and I will trade other items (unopened packs, etc.) if necessary.

Series 1 White: Grave Train, Dopey Whip, Minute Lice

Series 2 White: Botch, Ditch Masters, Fish-Bone, Kook
Series 2 Tan: All-Brain

Series 4: Brute 88, Quake n Ache, Heave, Chef Grirl-Ar-Dee, Windhex

Series 5: Tijuana Smells, Ha-Ha, Clank

Series 6: Spills Bros., Bar-Kist

Series 7: Alpoo

Series 8: Hostile Thinkies, KF Fingers

Series 13: Doesn't Delight

Series 14 Tan: Ain't, Canquit, Nose-X, Hippy, Flunk

Series 16: Bleeds (Will purchase PSA graded if available/necessary)

Thanks for any leads!