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Original Series / Re: Little lot of dies
« Last post by RawGoo on Today at 05:22:11 PM »
I imagine some of you saw this. I caught it just after it started. I don't think the seller has any idea of what they have, 'specially in that third pic...curious to see where it winds up. Can't remember the last time I saw a raw CA.

eBay auction: #323396598066

Nutz!  Why couldn't it have been a Ratz?
General Wacky Packages Discussion / Re: The Crickets have returned
« Last post by lucidjc on Today at 05:07:53 PM »
Just received a freebie bronze in the mail from Topps for their GttM giveaway contest.
Better than crickets? hard to say.

(Image removed from quote.)

At least the crickets have nutrition in a pinch.

Other Non-Sports Trading Cards / Re: Topps Now Anniversary Wrapper cards
« Last post by bigtomi on Today at 03:54:43 PM »
Still no Wacky Packages wrapper in the 80th. [sigh]

But, they made the 1971 Partridge Family wrapper and poster available today, so this boy went for one of each. Wacky Pack gotta be coming soon...right?
Master Lists / Re: Master Spreadsheet
« Last post by mikecho on Today at 10:39:04 AM »
Thanks, Patrick! Just found a few that I missed:

*Bayer Aspirin (366 & 519),
*...@ $1.99 a pack (ANS1-5 sets... (1172) (the period after the first "a pack" isn't needed; as there is a period at the end of the sentence),
*... (Fritos Scoops Corn Chips) (1901)
*Pokemon Go/Band-Aid? (2033),
*Beyonce/Minute Maid Lemonade? (2075),
*Robocop/Rolo Candies (2194) (you forgot to capitalize this Rolo Wacky),
*It: Chapter One (2240) (I checked this out on the Wikipedia page for this film and this is the right title for it. Only this Note is wrong, you got the second Note for this film right),
*...the test series version (3347 & 3361),
* ANS1 bonus sticker B2. (3614).

Thanks again!
General Wacky Packages Discussion / Re: Gag Criticism, Variation, and Packaging
« Last post by MoldRush on August 10, 2018, 06:02:30 PM »
Continually combatting crickets...or C3 for is the next one:

Dr. Popper and Dr. Pepper...

Nice.  Simple but effective Wacky.  Iconic and instantly recognizable product graphics translate well to the parody.  I vaguely remember seeing this one stuck somewhere back in the day.  The separation of head from body is a little scary to my 7-year old self, and the rubber glove is a subtle reminder of Slaytex Living Gloves, which was the most violent and terrifying Wacky to me back then.
Artists & Illustrators / Re: Robert Jimenez
« Last post by zerostreet on August 09, 2018, 05:25:28 AM »
very "fezzy" indeed, my friend, beautiful work!

Thanks Paul!

Neil Camera's MONSTERS Series 13 will be out soon! Here's a couple of the cards I did for the set! Stay tuned for more!

General Wacky Packages Discussion / Re: Wacky Packages Chrome Coming
« Last post by vahsurfer on August 08, 2018, 04:50:25 PM »
Thanx! Got it!
General Wacky Packages Discussion / Re: Changes at Topps Entertainment
« Last post by vahsurfer on August 08, 2018, 04:47:51 PM »
Thanks Dave!
General Wacky Packages Discussion / Re: 4th of July
« Last post by vahsurfer on August 08, 2018, 04:46:44 PM »
I have heard NOTHING - They HAPPILY took my money but crickets.... NOT a Good Business model!

General Wacky Packages Discussion / Re: Wackys in the Wild
« Last post by sco(o)t on August 07, 2018, 02:33:59 AM »
Very Cool! So how was the trip?

The trip was amazing. Since this was a group of Scouts, we spend about 5 of the 20 days we were there involved with service projects. We spent 2 days at a Scout Jamboree attended by African Scouts from several South African countries. We were in the mountains, down in the desert valley and in both the bigger cities and out in Rural Areas where villages of thatched huts is still the norm. We climbed a mountain, played several pickup games of football (soccer), went on several safaris in Majete game reserve and just chilled out the last 4 days there at a "resort" called Cool Runnings on the beach of Lake Malawi, the largest fresh water lake in the world. It sure made us all appreciate many of the things we take for granted as many parts of Malawi are very impoverished.
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