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Title: Wacky Packages Major League Baseball - extras for the price of postage!
Post by: Alexeirex on September 01, 2021, 07:39:35 PM
Have lots of extras of these 2016 cards - send me a self addressed stamped envelope with 0.78c in postage and I will send you up to 2 cards, in either regular, green grass or sepia versions! Just let me know in advance what you're looking for to see if I actually have these, and have second choices. For a 0.98c SASE, you can choose up to 5 cards. I also have a set of the collector boxes and PM me if you're interested in those - can be had for the price of postage.

PM with your wants if you're interested, otherwise these will all go on ebay soon. I'll mail these with cardboard inserts to protect the card(s). 

Just realized that I still need some cards myself - need the following greens - will also trade for these
10, 17, 20, 22, 69, 81, 90